Zen Vocabulary

~ Basic Zen Vocabulary ~

Sensei:   Teacher

Zazen:    Sitting meditation

Kinhin:  Walking mediation

An "all day retreat", held on the last Saturday of every month,
with some exceptions which will be posted on our website as
they arise.

A face to face meeting with a teacher, to discuss one's practice,
considered an essential form of Zen practice.  Dokusan is|
typically done during Zazenkai, and sesshin, or by arrangement
with the teacher.

Koan Study: 
A koan is a story, dialogue, question, or statement, which is
used in Zen practice to clarify a student's perspective.
Koan study is undertaken with a koan teacher in dokusan.

An extended training period where the sangha gathers
together. Ocean Zendo holds a yearly 5 day sesshin on
Shelter Island, NY.



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