Stacy Dermont writes the weekly South O’ the Highway and Hamptons Epicure columns for Dan’s Papers.

These columns appear in print every Friday. The web version of Hamptons Epicure appears on every Wednesday.

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Stacy Dermont

Stacy Dermont’s first semi-autobiographical story about the Hamptons appeared in The New York Times under her pseudonym Esther Mott:

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Here’s a poem that Stacy wrote for Seed Broadcast Agri-Culture Journal:

Gut of the Earth
by Stacy Dermont

The time has come to beat
my sword into a plowshare,
though I have no sword
I have only
two hands and sweat,
head and heart
to guide.

My heart is not
a pump. It is
moved by blood.
Small parts
govern the large.

Furrowing the soil
with bare hands,
moisture pulls
from my skin.
Excreta to excreta.

I am forced to give
as I take.
I am forced.
I am force.
I force.
I am.

At the seed exchange,
everyone gives away
embryos and endosperms,
seed coats of many colors.

I am clothed in home
for the first time.
Since before birth.
A seed remembers.