Photo: Barbara Lassen
Hair: Marc Zowine
Makeup: Paulo Siqueira


Hillary Davis, Stacy Dermont and Gael Greene at LT Burger in Sag Harbor (Photo Courtesy Hillary Davis)

The Hamptons—how did Stacy end up in this fancy neck of the woods, when she grew up on the extreme other end of New York State, in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, where Appalachia overlaps with the Rust Belt?

Well, despite Big Food’s impact on the general population’s diet, Stacy was raised on a lot of homegrown produce, meat and eggs. Local and seasonal was a given on the farm, and it spoiled her in a way. She cannot bear to eat store-bought eggs or last week’s apples or any other items that merely pass as edible. It was a natural fit for her to take over as restaurant critic for Dan’s Papers, shortly after she accepted an editorship there in 2010.

Stacy Dermont is an avid gardener with a penchant for living the very good life. For 10 years, in addition to restaurant reviews, she penned weekly columns for Dan’s Papers, the “Bible of the Hamptons,” on celebrity gossip—South O’ the Highway—and on food and drink—Hamptons Epicure. She has also written for SeedBroadcast Agri-Culture Journal, The Sag Harbor Express, and EQ Magazine. Now she's writing BOOKS.

Interview subjects have included Florence Fabricant, Gael Greene, Andrea Kowch, Chef Sarabeth Levine, Chef Angie Mar, Rick Mast, Danny Peary, Anna Pump, Suzanne Rafer, Chef Eric Ripert, Roman Roth, Reynold Ruffins, Chef Marcus Samuelsson, Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Gahan Wilson, Nancy Winters and many others.

Stacy gave her first cooking demonstration—Chinese Eggdrop Soup—at the age of 9 for her local 4-H group. It was Stacy’s early interest in food history that led her to research her cousin Anna Botsford Comstock (1854 – 1930). At age 11, Stacy gave a presentation on “Anna B.”(as she’s known in the family), the mother of nature study in America, to the Cattaraugus-New Albion Historical Society. Stacy’s family farm was located about mid-way between the farm where cousin Anna B. grew up and the farm where Stacy’s great-grandfather grew experimental crops for Cornell University.

College took Stacy to Rochester where she met her future husband, composer Dr. Daniel Koontz. His career as a professor brought them to Southampton College (now Stony Brook Southampton), where Stacy studied creative writing at the graduate level with Jules Feiffer, Roger Rosenblatt and Richard Reeves.

Stacy is currently at work proofreading "The Hamptons Kitchen," with co-author Hillary Davis, for an April 2020 release.